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22. Februar 2016 at 23:49 #18636

Hi Maximilian,

Can I ask which wifi dongle you are using? The two different brand dongles I have both support accesspoint, but they don’t appear to be fully compatible with the Max2play Accesspoint. Also, one dongle appears to be ’slightly more‘ compatible than the other. Maybe if I can try the same wifi dongle as you Accesspoint will work as expected.

As you have noted, Noop’s code allows me to create an Accesspoint using either dongle, and then successfully login with smartphone or PC. The only problem for me is that once Noob’s code is installed I cannot go back to wifi mode, even after uninstalling Accesspoint. Obviously, and as expected Noob’s code is still installed. The only way for me to reconnect the Pi to other wifi networks from then on is via LAN, or a fresh Max2play install. I could I suppose swap between installs on different SD cards. Not my preferred option.

Thanks for Max2play, and your ongoing support.