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22. Februar 2016 at 17:42 #18629

Hi all,

we have checked the accesspoint feature of Max2Play at least two times since Alex has run into problems with it and now again in reaction to gapmedia. If we set up accesspoint on a Raspberry Pi, the smartphone finds the Pi’s WiFi network and can successfully connect to it, both in „Standalone“-mode (without internet) and out „Standalone“ (with internet through the Pi’s LAN connection).
We use dnsmasq to provide IP addresses to each device trying to hook into the Pi’s own WiFi network. On our test devices, this service starts automatically as expected without adding the code of noop.

Due to the amount of information in this thread, it is very hard for us to reveal the reasons causing Accesspoint to fail on your devices. Cool thing that noops lines of code help you out for the moment.

Maximilian from Max2Play