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17. Februar 2016 at 13:16 #18534

Hi Alex,

I have a similar issue. I own a Logitech Touch, which was my inspiration for trying the Pi with Max2play. I have to say that I think the Pi and Cirrus/Wolfson surpasses the Touch. Stupidly, I often forget that I have LMS running on my PC, and it takes ‚control‘ of the Pi before I remember what’s going on, and I have to switch the Pi from one LMS to the other. No big problem really.

I think Noob has solved the Accesspoint problem, but unfortunately Max2play doesn’t ‚know‘ about the new ‚files‘ it has to remove to go back to wifi. I hope Noob and Maximilian can get together and combine their codes to fix the Accesspoint issue.

With Noobs 6 lines of code ‚installed‘ in Max2play all works brilliantly with Accesspoint and both of the USB wifi dongles I own , in my case anyway. Without Noobs code installed in Max2play, one dongle shows me a ‚max2play‘ network but does not allow me to login, and the other (Edimax) dongle creates no SSID for ‚max2play‘ at all.

The only problem is that after Noobs code is installed in Max2play I cannot go back to wifi, even after connecting with LAN and removing Accesspoint. On bootup the dongles show activity , but then stop flashing and never create a wifi connection. The only way back to wifi access is a fresh install of Max2play.