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17. Februar 2016 at 9:59 #18531

Hi Simon

Well thats a good start and sorry I did’nt make it clear in my instructions about the script, glad you sorted it.
The wifi and access point, good question.

As I mentioned a above when I first tried it, my iphone was hooked into my home network so although I was trying it would’nt hook into it until I realised what was happening.

So after going into my settings and told my iphone to foregt my home network (because I think the iphone will try to hook up to its last known wireless network) it did connect to the M2P which was in my car on the drive. Problem there it was in earshot of my home network so it just kept hooked into it.

So because I did’nt want the trouble of doing all this, I now have a spare iphone I have and just leave that in the car (hidden) and I either wait for the Pi to boot up after its been powered up, then pick up my iphone and go from there. As I said if I leave my phone long enough it will boot up with LMS already active, I just have to press play (note no logging on issuse at all). The LMS boots up and „sits“ waiting for you just to hit play, and it does.

However, I do have a problem with this. If I have an album playing, for some strange reason, when I leave my car and turn off the supply to the pi, when I return, yes it does, if I leave it long enough to boot up and „settle“ load the LMS, but if you press play its starts at track 1 every time, which is a bit frustrating, it does not continue from where you have stopped it, but I can deal with that for what I have in return if you get my drift.

In addition, it’s not really a good thing to just kill the power on any PC, you can mess up files etc and find strange things happening. So I got myself a ups specially for the pi that shuts it down properly when power it switched off to it. But I have not needed it and I used this every day for nearly two months and its been rock steady, so I’m not going to put this in yet, well I will if I get issues, just tought you ought to know about this if you don’t already.

Hope this helped, even just a bit..But I can see big things for me and M2P, a cracking but of kit, good luck