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16. Februar 2016 at 15:34 #18519

Hi Simon

I have to shoot off to a meeting and not properly read your message , but when I first tried it, I get to my car and I switched on my iphone to connect to my M2P,it did’nt connect at first because my iphone was hooked into my home network, so just note that for one point

The second point is on my iphone when I connect it comes up with the M2P main web page, top right it says cancel, if you cancel and god knows why, but if I don’t get the timing right, ie hit the cancel too soon or too late, nothing happens, if I get it right, another pop up appears with two opitions, do I want to connect without the internet or with. You pick without..

AND, just to confuse you even more, if I leave mine (as long as I have already connected once) after its‘ booted and settled, it allows me in and I can just play my music…I wonder if yours is working, its just getting the hang of driving it, if this makes sense

By the way I’m using the LMS (Logitech Media Server app) which seems to work ok, but for the one in the house I use ipeng, just so you know.
There’s other media players you can get too if the user and password is a problem, well if I have got this right, that you could use where you don’t need any passwords, I think kodi is one such player

As for the command (dos) prompt, I can’t honestly remember even looking at my instructions again here. But I’m sure was open the putty and copy and paste those commands, and it worked, well once I figured out what it was doing as above.

But remember to Log in first using the conventional way via the M2P way, then do the dos commands

As for your DAC, I have read a lot of very good reviews about them and, if I get once it will be one of those so thanks for the confidence boost and gald you’ve at least got it working in one form and I agree for what it is, it’s an amazing piece of kit..

Ok its my meeting time better go

Good luck Simon

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