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16. Februar 2016 at 14:18 #18510

Hi Alex

Thanks for your reply. Glad yours is still up and running/driving.

Basically, I am thrilled with the Pi and Cirrus Wolfson setup. I just think that being able to run it without my home network would be the „icing on the cake“. I can’t say I’ve ever had any issue with pops or clicks, except when trying out Airplay. That was a stuttering disaster, and obviously needs more investigating by me. Even the built in Wolfson 2.4 Watt power-amp sounds fantastic. I have run it powering small DIY speakers using single 3″ ‚fullrange‘ drivers of about 86dB efficiency , and for the price the sound is amazing, if not a little under powered with speakers of that efficiency. All the other outputs DAC, SPDIF, Analogue and Headphone sound far better than my expectations. I use a 5v @ 4 Amp power pack.

My Putty window looks like this, not exactly of course. Should it?

Should I just be able to paste the code into it at the ‚Green Prompt‘ ?

When I try to login to the ‚max2play‘ network, it asks me for the password, but doesn’t ever connect. When I setup Access Point, and because I cannot login to SSID ‚max2play‘ I get locked out of the max2play Gui until I reconnect with LAN, then I can remove Access Point and wireless returns. Before I remove Access Point all the settings and Passcode ‚mypasscode‘ look correct.

Strangely, there was an occasion earlier today when a laptop I have running Windows 10 found the max2play Gui while Access Point was running. It found it all by itself at http:/

No idea how! Cannot seem to reproduce it again.

Simon – Australia