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16. Februar 2016 at 13:32 #18508

Hi Simon

Sorry I’m not going to be much of a help because I like you I’m very novice in this area.
But as for pasting from this text to the putty „dos prompt“, I just did a copy/paste from this page to my dos prompt and it work. It really should work for you too.

What you are getting Simon, are you unable to see the password (in accesspoint) because that is what I was getting, amongst other things..

Then Noop, sent me the script above and it just worked, prior to that I also had issues with my dongles too. Even the edimax, the recomended one did’nt work „as an access point“..

If you can’t copy paste the script, yes you have to enter line by line. Try that. If that fails I just wish I could help more but I feel I may do more harm than good.

You will get there, keep trying. I know this is’nt what you want to hear, mine in now in my car and its pretty impressive, try and hang on in there, you’ll feel its worth it.

That said I do have a problem with my audio, it „pops“ most but not every time when its switched on, I’ve not had time to check this out yet but i@m hoping its the DAC, which was less than a uk £1, but did’nt want to invest money until I knew it was working.

I hope you get sorted