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16. Februar 2016 at 12:25 #18505

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your brilliant instructions. Unfortunately, I am stuck at step 12.

I have been able to log into the Pi with Putty using your instructions, but I am unable to paste into the DOS type window at the ‚prompt‘. I thought that I may have to start the desktop from the ‚prompt'(startx), but that just causes a fatal error. Should I type in the 6 lines of code that you list for step 12? I am not really sure how to do this while creating separate lines of code (as you show), or doesn’t it matter that it is typed in as just one line?

To be honest, I am not sure I need to do step 12, as ‚everything‘ up to step 11 seems to work!? I have two USB wifi dongles, although one appears to be more suitable than the other. At step 11 both allow me to connect wirelessly to the Max2play Gui either by going to http://max2ply on my Windows devices or through 192.168.1.XX on my Apple and Android devices.

If I install Access Point at this stage one of the dongles brings up SSID ‚max2play‘ as a visible network on all devices, but does not allow me to login using ‚mypasscode‘ on any of the devices. The other dongle, an Edimax EW-7811Un, does not appear to allow the creation of an SSID for the Pi.

From your wording in step 11, „ONLY if there is a problem with the wifi, do the following“ it appears that step 12 is to help if you have no wifi, and cannot see the ‚max2play‘ Gui, which I can.

From the short experience I have had, it appears that this Access Point problem could be USB wifi dongle dependent? Do you think that maybe only a few dongles may be totally Access Point compatible with Max2play and the Pi? Ahhh… I just don’t understand why I cannot login to the successfully created SSID.

Thanks again for your time, help and any suggestions.