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20. Januar 2016 at 19:13 #18028

Here’s my setup

I have 2 Pi’s, one uses the HifiBerry DAC which is PRETTY good, considering the price.

The other has the Hifiberry Digi+ which connects via coax, to my Schiit Bifrost.

This is in my „Main Rig“ and it sound FANTASTIC!

I also have the Schiit Fulla at hand, which I purchased for my Son’s PS4, but have not connected it to the Raspberry Pi, but intend to just for giggles.

I also have the Schiit Modi, which is also very good.

Alex, I think the Fulla may be something to consider, as it is very portable and has very good sound for the money.

And ya Noop, I figure you were a Canuck when I saw you had the Cankit Dongle. 🙂