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19. Januar 2016 at 20:07 #18005

Alex/Noop, just wanted to quickly comment on my progress.

I have been experiencing exactly the same issues as Alex, nothing was working, Wifi or Accesspoint.

Turns out it was the Wifi dongle, recommended to me by the same place I ordered my Pi equipment from.

In truth, it is probably the default drivers Max2play includes in their boot-up that do not work nice with my Wifi Dongle.

Anyways, I ordered the same Dongle as you have Noop (Cankit), and it arrived late last week.

Plopped it in and BOOM everything is working from the get go, no problems at all.

However, just like you experienced Alex, Access Point would NOT let my in, no matter WHAT password I set it to or entered. Very frustrating!

Noop, DHCP has not been setup correctly in the build, is that correct and should be resolved in a new build soon?

Equally I can execute the code you mentioned above to confirm?

Anyways, just want to say thanx again for figuring this all out. It was nice to see someone have the same frustration as myself.

All for now, Fred in Canada