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17. Januar 2016 at 1:32 #17959


What can I say, thanks is just not enough and if you round the corner at least I could buy you a drink.
You’ve worked hours on this and had to put up with me at the same time and stupid questions.

I can’t beleive I was as lucky as this to have you help me, I’m just so chuffed.

So, why do you think it’s doing this noop?
Why did’nt yours, software bug ?
And I do have my other Pi with the same issues, so if I run your last script, do you think that will work too.

And any ideas why its droping out. Maybe if I shut my main router down my iphone won’t go scanning for it. I’ll try that later, well tomorrow as its 23:30 .

But talk about just on cloud nine…Well happy, Thanks noop, great top bloke, and I can’t mean that enough