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17. Januar 2016 at 0:28 #17950

Noop, god, , oh my god god.

If you could only see me now. It’s done it, you have cracked it noop, what a , well fantastic bloke !

TOP MAN !!!!

I’m shocked, overjoyed and just in awe of what you’ve done noop
Thanks so very very very much,

It’s there on my ipeng and although my drive is connected to it, I guess it’s got to rescan the drive before I can really test it, but my, I’m BLOWN away with this.

So what was the problem noop

Was it a series of issues, was it just one thing which cascaded into lots of other „issues“. I’m dying to know

But at the moment, Im like a kid a christmas, I rekon the whole street heard me just now..
Thanks Noop, what a star