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16. Januar 2016 at 3:40 #17924

Hi noop

After several reinstalls, some with other dongles, still the same, it still says I’m putting in the wrong password

So I gave up on that and got out Pi No 2

I set it up in the same way as you asked me to do using the new dongle, which is the same as you have albeit, mine has a small aerial with it, and I have the same problem as pi no 1

I wondered if only 1/2 of the functionality of the dongle working, like the receiving bit, but as I can now see the signal it’s sending out on my apple devices and touch , and for it to say “ wrong passcode“ it must be getting something from my devices, duplexing

I did notice however M2P have updated to 2.27 in the last few days so I have asked if this was a dongle update and told them why I need to know, so who knows we may get some ideas from them

So that’s where we are 2pi’s so close to working, so if I had got this latest dongle sooner, I’m 100% sure you’d have got me to this stage sooner, so all I can do is just say a really massive massive thanks for your support, I just wish I could do a favour in return

Ok it’s been a loooooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg day. It’s 01:35 here and time I hit the sack again.

But if you do think of anything noop but as this is security related, I don’t expect there’s a lot that can be tweaked, but would be great to hear any ideas you have
In the meantime if I hear from m2p, or if I sort it, I’ll post it here and let you know

I seriously hope Fred is having better luck , thanks so much noop


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  • This reply was modified 8 years, 4 months ago by Alex.
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