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15. Januar 2016 at 0:56 #17881

Hi noop

I have just replaced the dongle for the new one I have, and with no LAN attached, in my iphone/settings/wifi ………………………..max2play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought this was a fluke, so I turned off the iphone and sure enough it was there again when I turned it on.

So i turned the Pi on and off again and it came up again…Looks like you were right about my „NEW EDIMAX DONGLE“ THATS GOING BACK FOR SURE FOR A BLOODY REFUND !!!!


I can certainly see it….However, when it asks for the password, it’s not liking it, it wont let me in, just keeps saying incorrect password

And when you hit the ? or i on the max2play network bar, it opens up but does not give any ip address, subnet or anything..
same on DHCP, Bootp and Static headings.

So we have got just that little bit closer…