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13. Januar 2016 at 5:04 #17824

Hi Alex:

Sorry I got busy.
Last evening I downloaded and compiled a „hostapd“ version using software from Realtek the makers of the RTL8188CUS chip in the Edimax.
This is a another attempt at getting a hostapd that works.

To try it follow the recipe

1. Burn a new image.
2. Expand it.
3. Update M2P.
4. Increase the USB current via the raspberry plug in (not really necessary yet)
5. Plug in the wifi dongle.
6. install wifi.
7. install access-point.
8. remove power and then apply power. 
9. login to the PI and execute these commands:

cd /usr/sbin
sudo rm -f hostapd
sudo wget
sudo chown root:root hostapd
sudo chmod 755 hostapd
sudo service networking restart
sudo service hostapd restart
1. on your IOS device, set-up -> wifi should show an available network with SSID “max2play” (or whatever you set it to)
2. Try to connect to this network, if you get an error, “forget” the network, and re-try (you will prompted for password in this case).
3. If connected, on the IOS device use safari or chrome and browse the PI at: , you should see the max2play page.

If you see the web page then access point is successfully installed.