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10. Januar 2016 at 18:29 #17684

Hi noop,
A couple of things going on

I ran the two lines you asked me to and it worked. When I came back to it the second line is not running the results (script)
It’s just saying
ioctl[RTL_IOCTL_HOSTAPD]: invalid argument
Even if I try to exit the programme the way you told me it won’t let me it’s just hanging, so I just rebooted ( powered down) several times

The other thing is, sorry for sounding dumb, but what do you mean when you mean look at the the output for problems . The worry is due to the limited knowledge I have on this on the best I can do it tell you any obvious errors and those that don’t match your script or when it tells me.

Hope this makes sense noop, in the meantime, I’m going to input those two lines again, and I did try and use the q ctrl code but as its hanging it’s not letting me