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7. Januar 2016 at 23:58 #17620

Ok just testing the words don’t get lost again..

It was actually something I read on the main page and I think what both you Fred and Noop have said

It was down I guess to the power supply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I say I guess because every single time when I’ve set this up, I have had plugged in from the start

So I had this mad idea maybe while the programmes are been installed, there a power loss, not much, maybe a surge here and there while the programmes are being installed

So to start with I did this with nothing but the lan connected and power supply
1. Burnt a new image
2. Expanded it
3. Updated the M2P
4. Increased the USB current via the raspberry plug in
5. Installed ( right or wrong) shartunes2
While installing these above I rebooted when needed
6. Turned off and plugged in the USB DAC
7. Installed the DAC via audio-player
Then rebooted and turned off
8. Plugged in the wifi
Turned it on and installed the wifi
Rebooted and turned off ( hoping to clear the cashe)
9. Took accsesspoint from left to right, hope this makes sense and saved the configuration
10 rebooted and turned off and plugged in the dongle
11. Turned on and Installed access point.
12 rebooted and turned off
13 plugged in the hard drive and turned on

At this point, I turned on my iPhone and ran ipeng , then the LMS app, both saw M2p, fantastic !!!!!

When you have got this far, you need plug in your lan to open your web admin link in squeezebox and point it to your files on your ext hard drive


Sorry guys if you can’t follow some of this but I’m not thinking normally , is really really been one hell of an experience , which I hope is now sorted
Just thanks to you Fred, Noop and Max from m2p, and I can’t tell you how much I mean that
Happy New Year to you , good luck with yours Fred, please let me know how you get on

By the way, the dongle I’m using is an edimax 7811UN

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