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6. Januar 2016 at 9:45 #17589

Hi nook

I did try that, I even took it to the car and plugged it in there as an alternative PSU, but to still no avail.

Weird that it will work as a slave to my squeezeplug server but not as a standalone access point. It will also work perfectly with the M2P connected directly to the router/lan.

Even more weird, it’s exactly the same for all the 4 Pi’s, dongles etc etc I have used, I guess this is why you mentioned the PSU as that as far as you were aware was the only none variable in all of this.

Maybe it’s what sequence I install the plugin’s. But I have done so many variations on this and its still not working. It just won’nt work as an standalone access point, the server, player, wifi, all fine (you’ve helped me prove that) just no access point.

The other thing is, the forum is still young, so I guess if this had been active as and long as the Pi sites there would have been others that would have experianced the same as this, and this would have been sotred a long time ago. I just hope I do get this working, for the sake of people like you who have been kind enough to help, for me and others who might come after this with the same issues.

But I am so desperate to find out why I can’t do it. I have an old (very old) vortexbox, that was set up, no problem, then upgraded to the squezeplug, again no problem, but my lord, M2P, wow I can’t say its been a pain, but as you once said, it’s a learning curve, and this has been a great leaning curve.

Tell you what I do miss about the vortexbox, Vortexbox had a ripper (to flac) where you could feed in your personal Cd’s onto it, would be great to get a facilty like this onto M2P, unless there is an „easy“ or simple way to transfer your CD’s to flac, which is what I use.

Anyhow, big thanks again for sticking with me noop, I hope I do crack this and when I do I will for sure post the answer here on the forum because after all thats exactly what its for.

Thanks Noop