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5. Januar 2016 at 23:41 #17587

Hi noop

My edimax arrived today and I plugged it in and to my horror it did excatly the same as before I put it in, which is not worked

So here we go again, I reformatted the SD card,**** and rebuilt M2P, still didn’t work….

So 3.5 months later, and well over 300 hours, 4 raspberry Pi, several new images, 4 dongles, God knows how many times I have reformatted my SD, a huge amount of stress and sheer frustration, considering I can now get all the plug’ins installed in less than 30 mins, I’ve had it I think

I have to thank you and the other guys on the forum who have tried to help, but I just don’t know what to do next, I think I have still got the will to carry on, I just don’t know how

Well I’m going to do one more last thing, I am going to write out Exactly , from start to Finnish step by step
What I’m doing , then I will send that to Max at M2P with a hope he can see something that Im doing wrong

I just has to be the driver, thats me!!!

I have to be missing a step, a stage, not activating something , I must be

Ah well. Thanks for your time nook, if I ever get this sorted I’ll put this on the forum, even if it’s my driving as I wouldn’t want anyone to go through as much hassle as I have trying to get this m2p working as a stand alone accesspoint & server

Thanks again Nook, but if anyone or you nook has any further suggestions I really really would appreciate if you could let me know as I’m sure I’ll find the will to give it a try