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3. Januar 2016 at 23:14 #17567

Hi noop

Sorry for putting you through this

What I wanted to do was use M2P in my car, connected to a 2tb ext hard drive, controlled via an access point with ipeng or the LMS app

So the server deals with the music files, the wifi, does the connection between my iPhone and server, the player plays the music to the USB then to a d-a USB to the aux of my radio

I have the following modules installed
Access point
Raspberry pi
Audio player
And I hope all working
Ok so that’s the aim and set up I have

Unwired ipeng does see the wifi at the address where you said, and the ssid which is the default max2play
But that’s it
If I put this in my browsers, it times out and does not connect

It only works when it’s hard wired for some unknown reason
Hence why I think there is potentially still a wifi issue, but that’s a guess from someone is not very savvy in this area

I just hope after all this is not an issue with the driver, ie me 🙂


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