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22. Dezember 2015 at 9:48 #17458


I had two issues

1. I could not see the webadmin tab on the Squeezebox Server, that was because javascript was not live on my Pi that I was using to set it up.
To get around this I did exaclty the same thing (using the set up instructions) by accessing the M2P GUI from my PC and it worked fine.

2.The other problem of my drive not been seen and just making clicking noises was due to not enought current from the Pi usb to drive it. The fix is to increase the current as in the steps above and use a 2 to one USB adaptor from the Pi to drive the USB ext hard drive, please note you have to restart your Pi „with your drive plugged in“ when you have done this.

Both worked for me, good luck.

My thanks and all credits to Fred & Maximilian who actually fixed this for me.