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19. Dezember 2015 at 16:45 #17414

Hi Fred

Can you adam and eve it !!!

Got it working at last yeeeehaaaaaa !!!!

And thats right down to you taking time out to help, so what a decent bloke, thanks, indeed a really BIG thanks, if you were round the corner I’d buy you a beer or two.

Your instructions, then video really put me onto the right path where at the time I was, well „STUFFED“ well and truely.

However, it did’nt stop there, which was not seeing my drive and the missing webadmin tab. Why I could’nt see the tab was was down to the javascript not been „on“ on the pi, ( not sure you realised I was going through the Pi to set it up).

Anyhow, I got really fed up with this so I contacted M2P and told them my problem and would one of their SD cards, properly formatted resolve it. Maxamilian came back to me and more or less asked how I was accessing the webpage. When I told him he and asked, was my java script switched on or off.

BINGO !!!!!!!!!!!

The problem is you need it ON….Might be a good idea actually to put this one line on the start page so others behind me know before they start their installation. (I’m going to write this up maybe on another thread in a few days)

But at the moment I’m copying over my files onto a hard drive and after that I hope to install the Access Point plug in. because I want to put this in the car so that passengers can listen to the music and pick their own tracks while I’m driving. They will also be able to look at the family photo album and videos (gee why the hell would they want to do that).
And the other use will be to use the M2P as a media center for the caravan I have when we go away.Then, when we arrive at our destination, I just take it out of the car and hook it up to the stereo/TV to watch the stuff I mentioned.

It’s just such a GREAT feeling to get this working so thanks Fred for telling me to stick with it as I was going to switch it off and just forget it. Thanks so very much for the push to carry on.

Tell you what, it’s been a hell of a learning curve, my god, it’s an hour or so since it started working and I’m still buzzin I can tell you.

Next, installation in the car, can’t wait to see whats going to go wrong doing that

Thanks again Fred, (and Max) both been top guys, really really appreciate it.
Best wishes for a great Christmas and a happy new Year