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17. Dezember 2015 at 9:37 #17384

Hi Fred
Sorry I was trying to follow the link via my mobile when I tried last night and it would’nt find it. Now at work it does on my desk PC.

hahahah, see thats been the problem whilst working on this project, strange things have been happening to me on every stage, the plus of this is I also believe thats how you learn, when things go wrong. So to be honest, its been a cracking good learning curve

Anyhow, thanks for taking time out to send the site details Fred but I actually tried using that site a week or two ago but its the same problem which was not been able to load LMS and also the „Start Squeezebox Server Webadministration“ tab too and they are both still missing even though I have made countless different images now.

But the plus is, you did get the hard drive sorted for me (you know loads of people must have had that problem but yet I’ve not seen it before and I have read lots about the Pi, how odd) and if not for your video, I would have still been trying to get something to work thats not even there, well for me it’s not. So there’s been two good bits come out out of this. But for sure when this actually starts to fly, I will put the „fix“ here on this site so others can benefit, well unless is a huge clumsy boop on my part.

Sadly, Well not really sadly, I’m going to have those few beers toning you mentioned the other day because I have to go christmas shopping (again). And tomorrow its the staff Christmas party, which starts at 12:30 lunchtime and carrys on until either people fall over or just can’t consume anymore. So I may not be around for a couple days.

And I think you said you were taking a vacation, well if you are going away, hope you have a great time

Ok I better get some work done and I’ll let you know what happens, humm thats a bit of wishful thinking hahahah !
Cheers Fred