Access Point Autostart Mode

We are excited to announce the newest version of Max2Play, 2.44. Aside from its many smaller adjustments, bug fixes and changes, which you can see in our Changelog, the 2.44 version of our OS also adds another major feature.

Automatic Access Point Mode

The Access Point Autostart Mode lets all newcomers to Max2Play wirelessly connect to their Pi’s, directly after the first boot. Previous options to connect to your local network meant either to manually connect an ethernet cable or to use the WPS feature which will still run on every Max2Play Raspberry Pi combination and will remain another option. However, if you do not have WPS-supported router, do not want to use WPS or a cabled connection and still get started right away, the Access Point Autostart Mode is your solution.

Quick Info:

  • Automatically establishes Access Point after first boot, when no other connection is established
  • Network „Max2Play“ is accessible by all devices nearby
  • Connected devices can immediately access the Max2Play web interface
  • Works out-of-the-box with Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
  • Perfect for all mobile solutions of Max2Play
  • Alternative to WPS and ethernet for first setup

Important: The Access Point Autostart Mode requires a WiFi module that’s based on the same chip as the Pi 3 and Zero W. Using this feature with any other Raspberry Pi necessitates such a WiFi dongle to be connected when booting.

HowTo: Access Point-Mode


Connect the Pi with a new Max2Play Image to your active power supply. Wait a few seconds to let the system boot and the WPS search run its course. (Might take a little while, depending on the Raspberry Pi model)

Connect your smartphone/tablet/PC via WiFi with your Max2Play device. The password default is „mypasscode“. However, you can this default in the Access Point Setup plugin for future uses. Now, open a browser and enter the usual „max2play/“ address in the URL bar to access the web interface.

Navigate to the web interface menu „WiFi/LAN“ to manually connect to your local network’s WiFi. There, you can start a „scan“ for networks, select yours and enter your network’s password. Finally, just make a tick in the WiFi checkbox and save your settings. The system now switches automatically to your home network.

DIY: Mobile Solutions with Access Point

If you are interested in creating your own mobile solution for Max2Play, this new feature will give you a simple entry point to get started.

For further inspiration, check out our previous content on Max2Play Mobile Projects, both by us developers and by the community:


  1. razor109 7 Jahren ago

    When the wifi is configured but i take the player outside of reach, for example on travel. Will Max2play fall back to the Accespoint Mode?

    • Author
      Heiner 7 Jahren ago

      If you have the option ticked active, it does.

  2. Jord 5 Jahren ago

    Unable to connect to the max2play wifi with the password mypasscode. My MacBook tells me the password is wrong.

    m2p_stretch_rpi_v248.img. Too bad, since my ethernet cables are all taken.

    • Author
      Heiner 5 Jahren ago

      Hi Jord,

      Please post this issue with your error message in our forums so I can help you properly.
      You cna also try the WPS protocol for connection if your router supports it.

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