Black Steel Case for HiFiBerry Digi+V2

In this article, we will show you how to assemble the black steel case V2 by HiFiBerry for the Digi+ with Raspberry Pi 4B.

Delivery Scope

  • Case for Raspberry Pi 4B and HiFiBerry DAC+
  • 4 short countersunk screws
  • 8 short round head screws
  • 4 spacers

Step 1

At the beginning, the Raspberry Pi is inserted into the base plate. The base plate can be recognized by the cutouts for the USB connections and the LAN connection. Use the four short round-head screws to attach the Pi to the case.

Step 2

Now attach the spacers to the HiFiBerry Digi+ with the round-head screws from the outside of the case as shown in the picture.

Step 3

Now the sound card is inserted into the cover plate so that the sound outputs fit into the recesses provided. Now screw the short countersunk screws from above into the spacers, which are attached to the sound card.

Then you can put the two case parts together. Careful with the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi! They have to fit exactly into the GPIO slot on the sound card. Do not exert too much pressure, try to bring both case parts together in a centered manner and pay particular attention to the 3.5mm jack connection of the Pi.

If everything fits, the connections of the Pi should snap into the recesses of the case.

Step 4

This is what the case should look like, once it’s been assembled. The case convinced us especially with its robust material.

Here you can buy the  black metal case V2 for the HiFiBerry Digi+.


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