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  • 17. November 2016 at 21:05 #23951

    Yes essentially you replace /opt/max2play/wolfson/ with what I laid out at the end. I actually ended up adding Ragnar’s .asoundrc to the existing /etc/asound.conf, replacing „card 0“ with „card 1“ when necessary and renaming Ragnar’s „@!default“ with „@!default2.“

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t get „default2“ to show up on max2play’s audioplayer page so you have to manually change the parameter in /opt/max2play/audioplayer.conf to „SQUEEZELITE_PARAMETER=-o default2 -a 80:4::“

    Also this isn’t perfect, I haven’t been able to get shairport to work but the Lms plugin works. Also if you change the settings on the audioplayer page, you will have to go back and change the conf file manually again. Don’t use the localplayer plugin in Lms and set squeezelite to autostart (check config afterwards), then it should start fine every boot.

    Lastly, note Ragnar’s comment in the linked thread, this resamples audio from the pi to 16bit, 44100hz so the audio quality could be better.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)