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    I have the same problem.
    If the volume is changed with the rotary encoder you can’t see the change in jivelite and also not on my squeezeplayer remote app using my mobile phone (but in the app I an see the changes I make in jivelite using the touch-volume-bar).
    But all methods of changing the volume (jivelite, app, rotary encoder) you can see in the IQAudio settings tab (Settings for Master Volume)…
    In addition the percentage value in the settings tab isn’t the same like my app shows me.
    …and the volume control of jivelite seems to be not linear. Very confusing 😉

    Maybe this it a side effect of this strange failure:
    Turning the rotary encoder only one icrement („click“) will change the volume by 10 percent.
    Can you maybe add a settings value we can change within the webinterface to change the size of volume-steps when turning the encoder one „click“?

    Thank you!

    23. Januar 2016 at 21:16 #18103

    Hi Maximilian,

    I biult a nice „squeezebox touch“-like device with your great max2play! Thank you so much – it was very easy 😉
    As I added a rotary encoder with a push-button-switch build in to my IQaudIO Pi-AMP+ the requestet feature would be very helpful for me too.

    It would be nice to choose the function of the button/s. For me the following functionality seems to be good:

    – short press: mute (or stop playback) and maybe shut down the attached 7 inch RPi Touchscreen (like a standby function so you don’t have to wait for booting up the device) –> short press again: unmute (or start playback) and power on the touchscreen
    – long press: shutdown the RPi

    I found some code but that’s my first linux experience and I have no programming skills 🙁

    For testing I connected the switch with the IQaudIO Pi-AMP+ „mute“ pin. It works – but only as long as I keep the button pressed. Do you know if this behaviour could be changed or is it realized „in hardware“ of the IQaudIO Pi-AMP+? As an alternative I could use the other left GPIO 25 (which is reserved for the IR receiver)!?

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