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  • 3. Februar 2024 at 15:29 #53062

    Hello gbader,

    > You may also try increasing the current on your USB ports in the Max2Play Raspberry Settings page.
    Where can I increase the current? But only USB stick is connected via USB, which doesn’t make any problems.

    In the register tab „Raspberry settings“ I found this option „Maximum power of the USB ports“ -> „Increases the intensity of the voltage to the USB ports. When activated, the USB ports receive 1.2A instead of just 0.6A.“ Do you mean this one?

    Is there any possibility to deactivate some functions to save some power? For example to deactivate the graphical ouput: „Graphics“ -> „memory Standard for Kodi/XBMC should be 128 MB. If no graphics output is required, the lowest value is 16 MB“ Is it helpful to enter 16 MB or will this be set automatically, when no graphical output is connected?


    3. Februar 2024 at 15:24 #53061

    Hello Stefan,

    > it seems like you successfully installed everything, but now the Pi is loosing the bluetooth connection or the bluetooth connection is not very stable.
    Thanks – you are right, but I’m not able to get the problem, WHY the bluetooth connection is not stable… I also tried the Pi without housing – didn’t change anything. THe bluetooth speker was also placed next to the Pi, so no long distance between Pi and speaker.

    > What you can try: use ethernet connection and no USB-Stick to confirm that bluetooth is working. If that is the case you might use a different power-supply
    The power supply can drive up to 3A – is that not enough?

    > If bluetooth is still a problem, you might also try a external bluetooth stick. To use this, you need to disable the build in bluetooth device on the „Raspberry Pi Stettings“ tab in the webinterface.
    But an external Bluetooth stick will draw additional power from the USB output… So, I think this won’t be a good solution…


    PS: due to your late reply from the support, the bluetooth licence is not available any more…

    17. Dezember 2023 at 22:24 #52993

    Hello @ll,

    the first try was not succesfully. I installed the Max2Play Buster image, which started at once. I could connect the WLAN and also was able to connect the bluetooth speaker Teufel Bamster Pro. Also, installing the Squeezebox Server was no problem, and the USB-Stick was also mounted without any problems. The Audio Player was also able to use the bluetooth speaker. On the iPhone also the iPeng App could be downloaded and connected to the Pi 3b+ – but this worked only once and the bluetooth speaker lost the connection several times.

    I double checked the bluetooth speaker with my iPad: it worked properly without any problems – also reconnect after startup was working fine, so no problems with the speaker. I’m using a metal case, and I also disassembled the case to check if the metal case causes any problems: same situation. After startup the bluetooth speaker doesn’t connect automatically to the Pi3b+. When I started pairing process, the speaker was found, and I have to restart the Audioplayer and the SqueezeBox Server. So, no auto connect is working.

    I also have the screenshots of the Max2Play settings, but I’m not able to upload them here at the forum.

    Can anybody please help me?

    Greetings, Martin

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)