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    I just installed M2P (Premium) on a RPI3 without any DAC (X400 will come soon).

    It works fine but i can’t run simultaneously Kodi + Squeeze Lite, running Kodi closes Squeeze Lite always. I tried filling a USB-DAC in the conf like m.max2play proposes, but nothing changes.

    What i want to do on the same RPI, at the same time (without starting or disabling kodi, now it works only switching, not simultaneously):
    – Run Squeeze Lite (in background, maybe later with JiveLite, but this is not for now), using jack output, as a player
    – Run Kodi: Audio + Video on HDMI output to the TV

    Xqueeze is IMO not enough stable (at least on my tests).

    Any idea to help me?

    [update] finally it works (checking usb dac checkbox) but only with squeezbox not with airplay.

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