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  • 21. Oktober 2022 at 19:51 #52441

    guys I have a 2.53 M2P install on a pi 3 with a built wifi at my hunt camp. We have just installed Starlink dish, the current ISP provided router is wifi only, and no wired Ethernet capability. I use my smart phone as my M2p LMS remote control, therefore I require the M2P/LMS to be connected to the wifi/Internet network for both remote control access and the LMS Spotty plugin. I would like to have a static address assigned to the ethernet interface that I could use as a „back door“ to access the M2P by plugging my laptop directly into it from time to time. Is it possible to have a static address assigned to the wlan0 interface and another static address from the same subnet assigned to the physical ethernet port? In other words is it possible to have both the ethernet port and wifi interface active at the same time? Or in order to use the ethernet port do i have to have wifi interface disabled?



    25. Oktober 2022 at 12:16 #52442

    Hi Scott,

    This is not possible with our normal configuration. Unless another user has already gained some experience with this and offers help, to get it to work, you would have to read up on the subject yourself. This plan could be quite complicated, as the address management has to be done by a DHCP router, which is also responsible for the WLAN.

    Nevertheless, I wish you good luck. We would be happy to hear from you as soon as you have found a solution.

    28. Oktober 2022 at 19:06 #52445

    I purchased a $20 TP-link router/L2 switch that I will use, and leave at the Hunt camp if I require access the LMS/M2P via the ethernet port. This will likely be the easiest path forward. In the future I may purchase the Starlink ethernet dongle which will allow for wired ethernet. My plan is to leave both the wifi and ethernet port on the M2P as DHCP clients, and I will ensure the Starlink router is off if I am using the TP-Link router to access the M2P. Therefore only one port will be up at any given time. That should allow me to access the node/and or re-image the SD card if something goes awry in the future. In normal operation the M2P wifi will be up and the wired ethernet port will be down. While i appreciate the flexibility of WiFi, in general I am not a huge fan , and have installed 6 ethernet switches throughout my primary dwelling and only use wifi for smart phones, tabs and home NEST products etc.

    Thanks for your help

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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