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  • 7. April 2024 at 11:02 #53167

    Just too many problems and not enough recent M2P solutions for users who need to alter their systems. This is very unfortunate. The development team has made a genuinely good effort, but I suspect linux on the Pi is changing faster than a small development team can keep up with.

    A M2P WiFi link is nearly impossible to setup and keep working on M2P in my experience, hopefully it has worked for you, but in checking online forums you will discover there are many M2P users who have not been able to achieve stable WiFi systems. My own time wasted on this WiFi issue was the last straw.

    For me Ethernet was stable for quite some time, but not all home configurations can use it and my home configuration was evolving into a hybrid ethernet and WiFi mix which I could not make M2P handle correctly. So I no longer recommend my friends purchase M2P and I will cease my license when it expires in a few more months.

    In the future I may spend my time learning to add DAC cards to RPi linux systems and host LMS on them. It will be difficult, however I will learn useful linux skills along the way and be able to troubleshoot my own config, which has not been possible with M2P.

    If M2P continues to work for your use case then by all means maintain your M2P license. It worked well for me for the first 4 years. Wishing the best of luck to the M2P developers.

    — mark early in Seattle, NW corner of the United States.

    10. April 2024 at 18:23 #53170

    Same feeling here Mark!

    Over two months and no support on a significant issue. I’m sorry that I took a long term subscription. I installed PiCore Player and it’s more stable. Goodbye Max2Play!

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