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  • 6. April 2018 at 9:10 #35017


    when configuring a plain „squeezebox“ setup via max2play webinterface, everything is guiding towards a direct-to-hardware configuration for squeezelite. Output parameter „-o“ is suggested to point to a soundcard (and not pulseaudio), and volume control via „-V“ should point to hardware, too.
    So why is there pulseaudio running while it keeps the alsa control device of my soundcard opened?
    Is it required? Why? And if not, where can I turn it off?
    Or should I route thru pulseaudio in any case ignoring the suggested settings from the webinterface?

    For configuration with multiple audio-clients (squeezelite + airplay or BT), there’s dmix and pulseaudio. Which one is the preferred option, as long as no dedicated pulseaudio features (like network links) are required?
    Max2play offeres/discusses both options, but I havent figured out which route to take?
    Is there a document giving the full picture so people can trade-off on their own easily?


    9. April 2018 at 10:14 #35069

    Hi Toby,

    Which version of Max2Play are you using and which sound card? Based on sound card selection, Max2Play should automatically set the right output device for your players.

    12. April 2018 at 9:42 #35139

    Hi Heiner,
    I haven’t switched to current strech based 2.45. I’m still running the latest jessie based system (incl. online updates).
    Hardware is Rasp-PI3B, 7“Display, Allo BOSS Rev1.1, and the 5V/3A power supply suggested/sold by Allo (and other shops, too).

    Currently, I’ve switched to a Rasp-PI2B, as I’m having serious trouble with the I2S link between Rasp-Pi and Allo BOSS [appearing after hours/days of operation > differetn thread]. On this combination now everything runs stable.

    The reason for my question about pulseaudio is the following:
    Everything executues as described by yourself. The Allo Plugin sets output device for the Jive player directly to the card (no pa) and even sets the hardware mixer (option -V … but to „Digital“ whereas my card comes with „Master“ … but that’s mentioned somewhere and had been easy to fix). According to the webinterface settings, there’a absolutely no pulseaudio involved. But when checking for running processes, there a pa daemon, and it locks the alsa control device of the sournd card.

    Is this expected behaviour, an unknown issue, or maybe a leftover from the BT plugin I had installed for testing and uninstalled again? (ended up with a lot of stuttering for BT audio and had no time for further debugging … save some work for later). And if yes, how can I get rid of pulseaudio manually to fix this?


    12. April 2018 at 14:13 #35147

    Hi Toby,

    If possible, you can try running the Stretch image to see if the issue disappears. We switched our BT solution from pulse to bluealsa for Stretch, so might also solve your BT issue.

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