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  • 17. Januar 2017 at 0:29 #25993


    I want to make an audiophile music player with a raspberry 3 and JustBoom DAC (local files only, streaming isn´t needed) but 7″ touchscreen friendly. I tried with Kodi, but only v17 accep touchscreen calibration, and kodi isn´t the best quality music player…

    I am very confused about the players that I could install when accesing m2p by web browser, and about the os I can see on the screen connected to the raspberry (touch is working) on the first boot.

    I can´t play music by this „player“, because I get an error „We couldn´t connect to diskstation“, and the option „choose player“ show only „max2play“ , but when I press on it, it come back to main menu….

    In a word, I am lost on how to do, what must I install. What I want is the best audio quality possible, and touchscreen friendly.

    20. Januar 2017 at 15:01 #26155

    Jivelite is ideal, however, you do need a Squeezebox Server to host your music and the preinstalled player (the „max2play“ in your menu). You can install the server via the web interface (enter „max2play/“ in a browser on any other device in your network) under the menu „Squeezebox Server“. Select the version 7.9 nightly and let it install. You can then enter it via app, Jivelite, web interface or even AirPlay if you install the addon „shairtunes2“.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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