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  • 13. Januar 2023 at 15:32 #52584

    I used to be able to adjust my Max2Play / Squeezebox server settings via the interface
    now all I get is this, which doesn’t do much at all. My squeezebox server is running and working fine.

    Raspberry Pi 3B+
    Not sure which version of M2P it’s only been one or two months since a rebuild with a fresh download image.


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    17. Januar 2023 at 15:49 #52590

    Hi radiomog,

    Looks like something is wrong with the image. Please try to burn a fresh image again. If it still doesn’t work, please try using an older (legacy) image for the Pi 2. We are currently only developing Max2Play for the Pi 3 and Pi 4, which means that older Pi versions may no longer be compatible with the image.

    17. Januar 2023 at 20:07 #52595

    well, it is a 3B+, and when I first installed the image, the M2P user interface is the one we’ve all been accustom to using.

    After a sudden stoppage while streaming, with no response via LAN (M2P and LMS were unresponsive), I pulled the plug and rebooted.. it was successful after 2 tries and the screen shot above is the result..

    I was thinking about upgrading to a RPi 4 along with a bigger ext hdd.

    thanks for your reply.

    19. Januar 2023 at 14:18 #52599

    In this case either the image is faulty or in the worst case the SD card is defective. I was just confused that your screenshot showed „Raspberry Pi 2“ in the upper right corner under the Max2Play version. Burning a fresh image will probably help.

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