UPnP/DLNA Media Interface crashing after days of operation

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  • 12. April 2020 at 13:52 #48472

    I’m running max2play on a PI3+ as a replacement for my old Squeezebox Touch serving the hole house.
    As there are some iNet Radios in my house (kitchen, kids) not supporting Squeezebox but DLNA, I running Andy Grundmans plugin to offer the musisc collection via DLNA to these clients, too. But I’m facing sporadic crashes of this plug-in after days of flawless operation (DLNA via Squeezeboxserver has better performance than the native DLNA server on my Fritz.Box!).
    The last log message I get (after several, periodic Slim::Plugin::UPnP::Events::error (323) Subscribe/unsubscribe error: 412 Precondition Failed) is
    Slim::Networking::Async::Socket::UDP::mcast_add (48) Error: While adding multicast membership, UPnP may not work properly: No such device

    Anyone familiar with this message?
    How to get rid of the periodic subscribe error?
    Does anyone know what might cause the plugin to crash?
    How to get verbose logging for detailed debugging?

    Is Squeezeboxserver able to run kind of a watchdog to detect failing plugins to restart them?
    Currently it’s required to restart Squeezeboxserver completely.
    (Something my little daughter cannot do on her own … )

    Any ideas how to tackle this problem?


    15. April 2020 at 15:50 #48499

    Hi Toby,

    Your problem is very special, so unfortunately I can only recommend you to ask your questions again in the Squeezebox Server forum. Maybe the creator of the plugin has another idea. Otherwise an update to the LMS nightly 8.0 version might help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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