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  • 6. November 2019 at 23:10 #47513

    Hi everybody,
    i just set up max2play on my pi + speaker and i have trouble to understand how to properly make Airplay and Bluetooth works.
    Sorry if these questions has been ask many times but i read many tutorials, articles, watch video and play around with different settings and still is not clear to me..

    Consider that i have both OSX and android devices so my goal is to have a multiroom set up that works both for Airplay and Bluetooth.

    AIRPLAY: When i install Shairtunes2 from maxplay interface i get no error (seems to me) but i cannot see my Pi from my mac, unless i connect to bluetooth. I never used Airplay so i first question is: Is this how is suppose to work? Shouldn’t work just being in the same network? (which i am!)
    I try also to install Shairtunes2 and Airplay Bridge from LMS plugins but without luck! (Airplay Bridge doesn’t even find any connected devices)

    Bluetooth: I manage to connect all my devices with Bluetooth and make them works.
    But the signal is very unstable and the audio keep jumping. Is that a general pi Bluetooth problem?
    Also: i have the possibility to connect more device trough max2plaz interface. But when i play music from one or the other device, the sound is again very unstable till the point that no sound is output at all.
    When i then disconnect one of the two devices from max2play then the sound is outputted again (if i just disconnect from my device settings, audio still doesn’t work!)
    I wonder if this is expected (just one device can be connected via Bluetooth) and if so, how is gonna be when i will have more pi outputting sounds?

    Any hint is really appreciated 😀

    17. November 2019 at 21:30 #47547

    Airplay update: after following this post https://www.max2play.com/en/forums/topic/airplay-is-not-working/
    which has very similar problem to mine, i install shairtunes2 from LMS plugin section and i can see it enable in the active plugins.
    After that i install the bugfix from the max2play Squeezebox Server section. I’m not so sure how to check if is succesfully installed but i don’t see any error in the log so i assume it all went good.
    Still, my pi is not shown in both my apple devices 🙁 🙁
    I hope the only solutions isn’t to buy a new RasberryPi like the other user!!

    27. November 2019 at 13:08 #47608

    Hi designbygio,

    Please make sure that only the plugin shairtunes2 (fork) is active and no other shairtunes or AirPlay plugins.

    8. Januar 2020 at 16:29 #47891

    Hi Heiner,

    Sorry for late replay i was travelling. Anyway i got a new pi4 and done all the installation again.
    Airplay now work, the thing is that i didn’t activate the plugin in the audioplayer section. I though that it would have been enough to install it since is not specify anywhere that needs also to be activate.
    Maybe is just me not very intuitive and very very beginner in anything audio related but i have the feeling that max2play can improve a bit the instruction guide 🙂 I read at least 4 about multiaudio system and for a beginner, they all lack of a deeper explanation.
    But again, maybe i just look in the wrong place.
    Thank you again anyway for your answer!

    9. Januar 2020 at 15:51 #47911

    after further testing i realize that airplay audio player shouldn’t be active in te audioplayer section because that will prevent the squeezelite audioplayer to work, which means i can stream music from my computer which is a mac but not from my phone which is android.
    Therefore i’m still at the starting point.
    I manage to install bluethoot and that works properly so far.
    But no luck for airplay.
    I’m now very sure that i have installed just shairtunes2 (fork) – author: philipp as squeezebox server plugin and any other airplay (or at least taht have this name in their name or description) are active.
    Also no other audioplayer then squeezelite is active.
    Nothing happen after the installation both with my pi3 B and with my new pi4.

    To be super sure: Is this the procedure the following?
    1- install shairtunes2 (fork) plugin from squeezebox server tab.
    2- be sure the plugin is installed and any other are installed from LMS > settings/plugins interface
    3- device should show up in iTunes or Audio section of mac system preference. (if it doesn’t!)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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