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  • 6. November 2019 at 23:10 #47513

    Hi everybody,
    i just set up max2play on my pi + speaker and i have trouble to understand how to properly make Airplay and Bluetooth works.
    Sorry if these questions has been ask many times but i read many tutorials, articles, watch video and play around with different settings and still is not clear to me..

    Consider that i have both OSX and android devices so my goal is to have a multiroom set up that works both for Airplay and Bluetooth.

    AIRPLAY: When i install Shairtunes2 from maxplay interface i get no error (seems to me) but i cannot see my Pi from my mac, unless i connect to bluetooth. I never used Airplay so i first question is: Is this how is suppose to work? Shouldn’t work just being in the same network? (which i am!)
    I try also to install Shairtunes2 and Airplay Bridge from LMS plugins but without luck! (Airplay Bridge doesn’t even find any connected devices)

    Bluetooth: I manage to connect all my devices with Bluetooth and make them works.
    But the signal is very unstable and the audio keep jumping. Is that a general pi Bluetooth problem?
    Also: i have the possibility to connect more device trough max2plaz interface. But when i play music from one or the other device, the sound is again very unstable till the point that no sound is output at all.
    When i then disconnect one of the two devices from max2play then the sound is outputted again (if i just disconnect from my device settings, audio still doesn’t work!)
    I wonder if this is expected (just one device can be connected via Bluetooth) and if so, how is gonna be when i will have more pi outputting sounds?

    Any hint is really appreciated 😀

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