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  • 18. Juni 2017 at 21:36 #29589

    The following are somme of my ideas and wishes i had for M2P specifically and Audio distros Generally.
    So here we go:
    1.: Give us all the apps!
    -There are a lot old phones and tablets around with wifi and an headphone-Jack so let’s put m2p on them.
    -A nicely made remote control app (similar to rune and volume) would also be a treat.
    2.: Make it a Kodi plugin.
    -there are a lot of people that already have an instance of Kodi running on an home cinema pc, hooked up to good speakers.
    3.: give us all the ai/voice-controle
    -I would like to have a settings page where i can enter a custom command and connect it to a reaction. For example: „Pete, slow down!“ => volume down by 10. „Pete“ being the word i set as reaction word. Using Jasper it should be possible of having this functionality without any proprietary cloud. The following should be controllable: volume; playlist-, radio-select an other I am currently not thinking of but will be added later.
    -I understand that there are fellows that are completely dependent of there Virtual assistant, so give them plugins that enable them to use at least the developer version of there favourite service (Amazon Alexa; Google ect…)
    4.: Get somme (more) Makeup
    -as a consumer the looks and ease of use of the ui plays a huge role subcontiuwsly. I wouldn’t mind if you would simply copy the ui from either Rune or Voumio

    This is about all i am currently thinking. I might remember something else later, which i will ad, but for now i have given you enough homework to keep you occupied.

    So what are your thoughts on these ideas? I would love to chat with you down below.

    18. Juni 2017 at 22:05 #29590

    I already have some other ideas.
    -better support for the raspberry pi zero w.
    -a doorbell using the esp8266

    19. Juni 2017 at 11:42 #29603

    Hi AJ,

    Thanks for the feedback! We will take some of these points into consideration.

    However, Kodi already comes preinstalled with Max2Play and we fully support the Zero W with WPS.

    25. Juni 2017 at 19:49 #29715

    thanks for the fast reply, it is great to see that the w is already supported. I am afraid, that you misunderstood me with kodi. I have a media box running kodi on it and I would like to tie it into my m2p system.

    28. Juni 2017 at 15:13 #29744

    Hi Axel,

    Our multiroom audio system is based on Squeezebox. Thus, you can install this on your Kodi box and it should immediately work with Max2Play:

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