Squeezelite, Max2Play v1.0.3 based on v1.8.7-999 – update?

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  • 9. Februar 2023 at 12:31 #52663

    Dear Max2play team,

    after updating to the beta of Max2Play, plus kernel and even apt upgrade, I’m happy how stable and reliable it’s working everyday! A BIG thank you for that.

    However when looking at Squeezelite, the newest version currently available is 1.9.9, and seeing the speed of the squeezebox ecosystem evolving elsewhere, I wonder if having here a Max2Play version 1.0.3 based on 1.8.7 from 2017, wouldn’t prevent some important improvements from being integrated?

    I do understand that your custom version has some additional functions added. I checked the the start/stop scripts I also think it wouldn’t be so easy for me to install the official release myself, and get it used correctly instead.

    So hopefully there would be some news on squeezelite, anytime soon?

    thank you & best regards

    Version Beta-220728
    Raspberry PI 4B 8GB

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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