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  • 12. November 2016 at 14:26 #23890

    Running pi3, hifiberry dac+pro, M2P 2.38, Squeezebox latest 7.9 nightly updated today.
    Problem: Squeezebox server/LMS do not find my music on freenas cifs share nor on externaal usb 1tb wd hd formatted as ext4.
    Music is on Freenas and it is now successfully connected.
    from M2P Filesystem Mount tab
    Path Mountpoint Type Options
    // /mnt/share cifs guest,soft,sec=none,domain=local

    I have also added on WD 1Tb USB HD , ext4 format, with all music stored on it as well as the nas because LMS is not picking up the music from the NAS.
    UUID=72c….. etc etc
    This is listed as /media/usb0

    Load the Squeezebox webadmin/server settings/basic settings
    and browse to the /mnt and the only freenas folder displayed is /mnt/Big-Blob (on the nas the music is /mnt/Big-Blob/Music), so select /mnt/Big-Blob.
    (Note : in the M2P Filesystem Mount tab it shows as //
    Rescan files and only 27 albums are picked up.

    2)External USB HD (interim measure)
    For the external WD 1TB HD browse to the folder and there is no /media/usb0 shown, only /media/usb and /media/usb1 – no files found.
    (Note : I have reformatted the HD w NTFS and it is now picked up as /mnt/extdrive and scanning of files successful BUT I am using the external drive as an interim fix until NAS is working).
    (Note and /mnt/usb0 has appeared in the list!)

    Any ideas why the files on the freenas are not being picked up / how to get my music files seen in LMS for playback ?

    After this I can start to deploy multi room.

    29. November 2016 at 12:39 #24299

    Hi AndrLee,
    Please check if there are folders on your FreeNAS that have different rights assigned to them. You can check this easily by accessing the share on a PC in the Explorer (enter //sharename) and logging in as guest. The files that show up and are accessible are the files that should be accessed by the Piu as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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