spotify don't save my Username and Password.

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  • 3. Februar 2021 at 3:46 #50723

    Not sure if this is why it spotify don’t work on my server.

    I get this error.

    Spotify Credentials missing
    Please check Settings/Advanced/Spotty Spotify for Squeezebox in the web interface

    I go there and put my username and password and „Apply“ and then when I go to it again they are empty.

    Guess it can’t save them not sure. Do I have to give my server some permissions? If so were do I do that so it can save it.

    Do have the spotify plug in too and I know I can log in with the same name and password using on LMS.

    -Raymond Day

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    4. Februar 2021 at 14:30 #50733

    Hi Raymond,

    Have you already tried logging into the Spotty plugin via Spotify Connect? Are you using the latest version of Spotty? Can you find any information about the error in the server log?

    4. Februar 2021 at 15:33 #50734

    Got it working I had a free account and then had to sine up for a Spotify Premium account. Had to put my Order ID in and it works now. That’s how have to have Spotify working on Max2play. It says get 2 months for free.

    Had to do a apt install flac and rebooted it and now it all works.

    Got that screenshot of it working on my Windows 10 working good.

    Wow it says „Your next bill is for $9.99 + tax on 4/4/21“ is there a cheaper way and still have it work on LMS?

    Going to test this out till the 4/4/21 date. It my be good. Not sure. But hope there is a lower price per month.

    -Raymond Day

    4. Februar 2021 at 17:07 #50739

    Hi Raymond,

    It is unfortunately true that a premium account from Spotify is required to use Spotty. However, we are not responsible for the pricing of Spotify.

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