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  • 4. August 2020 at 14:04 #49509


    Currently I’m using a PI Zero + DAC + a github project for spotify connect.
    But it can only be controlled by phone, no direct on/off next button.
    Now I found M2P, looks much more professional than my old solution.

    I would like to build a setup to use Spotify Connect, a HiFi DAC and a 7″ touch display.

    I already tested M2P on a PI4, selecting a song on my phone and select M2P as player works.
    On a PI1 M2P was horrible slow and I was not able to install squeezebox.
    Currently I used the webinterface of max2play squeezebox, but I would like have display directly on the M2P device.

    – As I understood only the low resolution (800×480) original 7″ PI display is compatible (MIPI Interface) with M2P?
    – Is there an option to use a higher quality HDMI+Touch Display (HDMI Interface)?
    – Can the display show and control Spotify?

    What is your experience and recommendation?

    Is there a plan to support Deezer HiFi (uncompressed, not the regular one)?

    You can answer me in English or German.

    Thanks for your Ideas

    br Lukas

    11. August 2020 at 12:07 #49522

    Hi Lukas,

    please excuse the late reply. Theoretically, the Pi 3 supports resolutions up to Full HD and the Pi 4 supports up to 4k via HMDI. However, it only supports resolutions up to 800×480 via the DSI port. Our touch solutions all work with the official 7 „Pi touch display. Max2Play does not yet support HDMI touch displays directly. However, there are DIY solutions for this in various Rasperry Pi forums that should also work with Max2Play.

    As far as I know, there is no Spotify app with a graphical user interface for the Raspberry Pi. Alternatively, you can install the Spotty plugin for the Squeezebox Sever and then control the playback of Spotify via Jivelite on the touch display. Apart from that, the most convenient way to play Spotify is via Spotify Connect, e.g. via a smartphone.

    There is already a Deezer plugin for the Squeezebox Server that you can try out. However, I do not think that Deezer HiFi will work with it. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any alternative for the Squeezebox Server other than TIDAL.

    14. August 2020 at 22:32 #49562


    Thanks a lot for your reply, I think Jivelite is a good way to go.

    Now my setup consist of a PI4 + HIFIBerry DAC Pro + HDMI on TV for testing + living room hifi system
    Software: M2P + Squeezebox + Spotify Plugin + Jivelite.
    Licence: looks like Jive requires a M2P license, but I got a 1 month free voucher with the HIFIBerry, thanks 😉 .

    I had not so much time to test everything, but:
    Spotify Connect works as expected, good response, amazing audio quality
    Jivelite displays with a delay of <1sec picture and song details.

    In the meantime I also tested KODI + Spotify Plugin.. but was to unstable for me, M2P is much better.

    Next Steps:
    – Purchasing a 7″ HDMI Display + Touch
    – Find a way to add some more functions to Jivelite:
    – – Control Buttons, (next song, stop, play, shutdown,..)
    – Testing with a PI3, because it has lower power consumption
    – Building a housing
    – Build a second one for my car

    Thanks a lot for your help

    And a big thanks to my wife.
    She had a proper cinch to cinch cable for my setup 🙂


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