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  • 22. November 2017 at 15:39 #32582

    Being very impressed with Max2Play running on my RPi2/IQ Audio DigiAmp+/7″ Display/7″ Display Case setup, I’d now like to do something similar with the Pi2/PIDAC+ setup I use as my headphone amp by adding one of the smaller displays supported by Max2Play. However, I’m starting to realise that it is somewhat more difficult (if not impossible) as where the 7″ display connects to the Pi display ribbon connector, all the other displays appear to need to use the same GPIO connector that the PIDAC+ is already plugged into.

    Has anyone done anything similar and found a way around this? I also have an IQaudIO DAC Zero kicking around (bought on a whim and haven’t got round to doing anything with it yet) so would be quite haqppy to use that (with a Pi Zero if necessary). I also wonder if something imaginative could be done using the IQaudIO GPIO extender board?

    Any ideas or help will be gratefully received and any progress will be shared.

    28. November 2017 at 13:44 #32663

    Hi Fifer,

    Unfortunately, we do not support or recommend using multiple HAT extensions on top of one Pi.

    Often there are overlapping pins for each header and generally the Pi3’s pricepoint and performance combined with its low power usage merits buying multiple ones for most applications.

    For the screen+sound card solution, you could either go with an HDMI connected screen (or another screen that uses the ribbon connector).

    27. April 2018 at 20:01 #35371

    I have tested an Raspberry Pi 2 with an IQAudio DAC+ and the Adafruit 2,8″ resistive touch display ( with full success, all functions are working. Max2Play version was the newest, based on raspian stretch.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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