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  • 15. Mai 2023 at 21:10 #52826

    Since months I cannot listen to music of my own collection without dropouts anymore, while internet streaming is perfect. The dropouts appear once or several times per minute and are unpredictable. Sometimes – but rarely – I can listen even for half an hour without glitches. It looks like this is only the case if at least one active, synchronized device is connected via Wifi, but it does neither matter which one nor the signal quality.

    I got a PI4 with maximum memory with an SSD as a server. There are several LAN and WLAN clients attached. Several devices are synchronizes but only a few are simultaneously playing. The only remarkable speciality is the network layout: A standard Fritz!Box serves as one WLAN access, while a second WLAN access point is connected via LAN to the Fritz!Box. Can the root cause somehow be connected to this network layout? How to address this?

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