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  • 29. November 2015 at 16:57 #17064


    i would be happy to have the possibility to create and send custom commands within the jivelite interface.

    As we have fhem as an add-in it would be nice to trigger some things from within the touch panel 🙂



    11. Dezember 2015 at 15:38 #17287

    Hi elemay,

    it is not that difficult (little programmer skills required) to create some buttons or a new menu in Jivelite. You may have a look at the „Kodi Control“ Addon that I created to start / stop Kodi on the device. You should have a look at the files in the Jivelite applets folder:


    To create a new menu for your FHEM control, you should start with copying an existing applet, rename it and start playing… There is some documentation on LUA development on other websites.

    One thing you might also be interested in is coming within next weeks: voice control via Siri or Google Now. With a Z-Wave-Server running on Max2Play you can also control FHEM via HTTP-Calls with Apples Siri.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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