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  • 28. Oktober 2015 at 19:27 #16598

    Hi, When I enabled SD Card Write Protection, I have no network working !! How can I fixed that ? I bought the premium just for this feature and is not working 🙁

    Thanks in advance

    28. Oktober 2015 at 19:41 #16599

    Hi Bizounett,
    Do you mean you can’t get the Pi in your LAN as a client via it’s WiFi anymore? Because I think that’s normal when you make your Pi act as WiFi access point and dhcp.

    28. Oktober 2015 at 20:16 #16600

    No, it not wifi, cable. I can access to the PI on my network, no internet connection.

    28. Oktober 2015 at 23:42 #16601

    ok sorry, I didn’t test for that, just checked if the AP works to control the player from my phone when there’s no network around…

    28. Oktober 2015 at 23:47 #16602

    OK, then someone will work on that, I pay for that feature !!

    29. Oktober 2015 at 0:05 #16603

    Gosh stupid me! I just saw you mentioned the sdcard write protect plugin! Don’t know how I could mix that up with access point feature. I’m very sorry for the confusion!
    As far as I heard, the guys are working on it. As of now, it’s rather for players/clients than for servers. I’m like you just a customer (very happy, though) but it might help them understand your specific problem better if you describe your setup. For example, which Max2Play image you installed, on which hardware and which other plugins or software you use that might interfere with SD Card Write Protect. And it’s always good to have a peak at the M2P changelogs here on the website, just to see if they are already addressing a possible bug that shows on your end. I’m sure they will find a solution.

    29. Oktober 2015 at 19:46 #16613

    No problem Cowonaut !!

    For my setup :

    Raspberry PI model B, no overclock, standard
    Max2Play : Update to 2.24

    Premium account paid !
    Plugins : Start
    Settings / Reboot
    WiFi / Lan
    Filesystem Mount
    SqueezeBox Server
    Kodi / XBMC
    Raspberry Settings
    SD Card Write Protection

    Sudo apt-get update –> Done
    Sudo apt-get upgrade –> Done
    Expand filesystem –> Done
    SqueezeBox Server installation –> Done
    Forced output audio to headphones jack –> Done

    And I just read that it’s not do the tricks 🙁 I cannot have it with squeezebox server enabled on the same, just the reader. it’s a little bit mad…

    It can be cool if the boot filesystem will be on a different partition and all plugins work on other partition. Then we can write protect the boot partition but not the other one !


    29. Oktober 2015 at 23:02 #16615

    I can’t share your frustration fully, for a few reasons: First, I was willing to donate to Truehl (Sqeezeplug) anyway, which I just did, for his endless effort in helping us Squeezles for years now. Same goes for the guys behind M2P with all the community work which Flysurfer and Co did that helped me tinkering with Raspis and audio in the related forums. Only instead of donating I just payed for the cheap premium license. Actually it felt good, like paying of old debt 🙂
    Plus, M2P delivers and shines in so many aspects already without premium…

    As for the SD Write Protection vs Server problem: in the comments section of said plugin, I asked about that a couple of days ago just out of curiosity, because I thought it might be meant for player/client use only, just like the popular and indestructible Picoreplayer is. And there I was told that my assumption was right, BUT: the guys are already playing with ideas for an image dedicated to making server and player run without writing to the SD card. I believe that’s never been done before, btw.
    Let’s not forget that this is not Apple or Microsoft here. Have you seen that the M2P guys are making votes for next things to be implemented on a regular basis? That way, they already fulfilled so many community wishes, that really I could never cry out loud and demanding as I felt you were with your first posts here. I’m glad you cooled that down a bit now to a constructive tone. Please don’t be offended, I just found it a little bit too harsh, could have been just my personal impression, though!

    Let’s see what the M2P crew comes up with.

    3. November 2015 at 1:00 #16687


    Good comment but I’m happy anyway, I paid for premium and it’s OK. They help Max2Play for futur development. Me I just use the audio feature and not Kodi. For Kodi I have another PI and other distro. By the way this product is cool because is a All in One product ! If I can use kodi on audio out through HDMI and use squeeze play on audio out through headphone jack at the same time I will migrate to 100% Max2Play. But it seems not working, I tried !!

    Continue you good work !


    • This reply was modified 8 years, 7 months ago by Bizounett.
    3. November 2015 at 1:17 #16690

    Hey glad to hear that 🙂

    Regarding Kodi+Squeezelight simultaneously – you could use the Raspbi’s HDMI for Kodi and one of the IQaudIO or Hifiberry soundcards for Hifi. The DAC(+) versions have standard RCA females for your amp!

    But wouldn’t Kodi on your Raspberry throw you even further away from your SD Card Write Protection plans? So far they are working on a solution for Squeezebox and Squeezelite but I’m not so sure if that’s possible for Kodi.

    3. November 2015 at 1:39 #16691

    I realize the the problem came from my SD card. It was broken ! Then the write protection was now obsolete !!!

    Thanks for the info for Kodi and Squeezeplug at the same time.


    7. November 2015 at 21:38 #16807

    If I can use kodi on audio out through HDMI and use squeeze play on audio out through headphone jack at the same time I will migrate to 100% Max2Play

    I´ll sign this. Same to me.

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