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  • 26. September 2017 at 0:57 #31549

    I have Max2Play with the touchscreen addon on a Pi3 ( with the Raspberry touch screen, as a client for LMS (running on a different Pi3 – I decided to install the SD write-protect addon on the touchscreen player, and it appeared to install correctly and requested a reboot.

    After the reboot I can ping the touchscreen player, and I can access it via SSH, and it is working as a Squeezebox player (LMS can see it and I can play music on it) – BUT I cannot get to it on the Max2Play web interface. Trying to access gives me a „Not found“ error in the browser.

    If I go to the Max2Play web interface on, the touchscreen player no is no longer listed in the list of Max2Play devices on the Settings page – so Max2Play can’t see the touchscreen Pi either, but it must be running because I can ping it, SSH into it and it plays music streamed to it by LMS.

    I could just re-image the SD card in the touchscreen player, but before I do – any idea why this is happening? Since the card no longer has write permissions, is this what is stopping the Max2Play web interface from working?

    26. September 2017 at 13:20 #31560

    Hi steve,

    What plugins are you running on the device and which version of Max2Play did you start out with?

    26. September 2017 at 17:52 #31564

    Max2Play was version 2.44, and the only plugin was the Touchscreen plugin. I have now re-imaged the card and it is working on the LAN, just need to configure WiFi and I’ll be up and running again, but I thought I should report the problem I had.

    28. September 2017 at 12:05 #31584

    Definitely, thanks for doing so! We will try to recreate the problem and fix it if it turns out to be a bug.

    28. Oktober 2017 at 15:43 #32169

    I have the same issue…only Spotify Connect plugin running, nothing else. This is not the first time this has happened after enabling SD write protect. Using Hifiberry DAC and latest Max2Play on a Pi3

    30. Oktober 2017 at 13:22 #32188

    Hi guys,

    Please do make sure that none of your „available plugins“ still have autostarts set as these will run in the background if they are fully configured. If there are any you had running before that might still have a process in autostart, please reactivate them to make sure they are all removed.

    I started with a fresh install of Max2Play and set up Spotify Connect and RPi-Display. Unfortunately, I could not recreate any issue after enabling the SD protection.

    : Could please detail what you mean by nothing else? Did you have all other plugins removed from the menu? Do you have any autostarts left? Are you able to start Spotify Connect? If so, when and how do the problems occur?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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