SD card write-protect plugin breaks Max2Play web interface

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  • 26. September 2017 at 0:57 #31549

    I have Max2Play with the touchscreen addon on a Pi3 ( with the Raspberry touch screen, as a client for LMS (running on a different Pi3 – I decided to install the SD write-protect addon on the touchscreen player, and it appeared to install correctly and requested a reboot.

    After the reboot I can ping the touchscreen player, and I can access it via SSH, and it is working as a Squeezebox player (LMS can see it and I can play music on it) – BUT I cannot get to it on the Max2Play web interface. Trying to access gives me a “Not found” error in the browser.

    If I go to the Max2Play web interface on, the touchscreen player no is no longer listed in the list of Max2Play devices on the Settings page – so Max2Play can’t see the touchscreen Pi either, but it must be running because I can ping it, SSH into it and it plays music streamed to it by LMS.

    I could just re-image the SD card in the touchscreen player, but before I do – any idea why this is happening? Since the card no longer has write permissions, is this what is stopping the Max2Play web interface from working?

    26. September 2017 at 13:20 #31560

    Hi steve,

    What plugins are you running on the device and which version of Max2Play did you start out with?

    26. September 2017 at 17:52 #31564

    Max2Play was version 2.44, and the only plugin was the Touchscreen plugin. I have now re-imaged the card and it is working on the LAN, just need to configure WiFi and I’ll be up and running again, but I thought I should report the problem I had.

    28. September 2017 at 12:05 #31584

    Definitely, thanks for doing so! We will try to recreate the problem and fix it if it turns out to be a bug.

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