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  • 18. March 2016 at 21:08 #19361

    Hello all,

    I bought me my first Raspberry 2 with the Raspberry cam and from FrankenMatic. If I understood correctly FankenMatic and Max2Play are the same companies?

    Nevermind, Due to the FrankenMatic OS my RP is working fine and Camera works to. Afer few hours of playing and readind I would like to change the destination folder from the CAM to my NAS.

    First of all I mounted my NAS sucessful and the mount point is /media

    After hours of reading and testing I was not able to find a way to change the destination path of the Raspberry Cam.

    Can anybody help me, please?

    I have updated the FrankenMatic / Max2Play OS to 2.28 and installed no additional add-ons yet. I can access my cam with “http://frankenmatic:81/index.php” and have there three configuration buttons. Camera Settings, Motion Settings, System. I checked all option more than 3 times but I dont find a way to change the target folder from the CAM.

    Additional I start to investigagte my Raspberry with “putty” and check some folders. But I did not found the right way.

    Have anybody and idea and can help me to save the video on my NAS directly. My SD card is to small to save a video longer than 20 – 30 seconds.

    Thank you in advance!

    best regards

    18. March 2016 at 22:07 #19362


    in the meantime I got the tip for mount –bind

    I used mount –bind /media /var/www/media and I looks good. If I test it (cd /var/www/media) I am on my NAS. But the RPi Cam continue to save on the SD card instead of the NAS?!

    Have somebody an idea?


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