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  • 17. Juni 2019 at 20:47 #45813

    Taking in account the wrong pinout for the amp on the justboom page i have connected a rotaryencoder to a justboom amp like described in the how to and installed the software acordingly. Unfortunately it does not work as expected. The switch stops and starts the song instead of pausing or playing. When turning right or left on every second click the songs also restarts with a lower or higher volume.
    How to get it working?
    I use a RaspberryPi3b+, Justboom Amp, and a paid Max2Play V2.48

    18. Juni 2019 at 12:25 #45853

    Hello martini2,

    I assume you use the rotary encoder with Squeezebox, can you post the debug info from the Squeezebox Server menu when issuing commands via rotary encoder?

    18. Juni 2019 at 23:55 #45867

    i use the encoder with Squeezelite. The server is runnig somewhere else.
    In the audioplayer tab the soundcard is set to sysdefault the commandline option for the squeezelite player is -o hw:CARD=sndrpijustboomd -V Digital -Q -X 25 and Squeezelite has been updated.
    In the JustBoom tab the Rotary Encoder Start Options are -c hw:0 -m Digital --gpiorot=23,24 --vol=70 --inc=100 --max=95 but the values for vol, inc and max do not have any effect on the function of the encoder.

    19. Juni 2019 at 14:06 #45870

    It might be a mechanical issue. As you describe, the rotary seems to add the push command when turning for volume as well. We have had this before with a rotary encoder whose user had high humidity which caused the issue on the encoder.

    Regarding the start and stop, I’m not certain what you mean by „The switch stops and starts the song instead of pausing or playing.

    Stop is supposed to pause the playback and start is supposed to resume it.

    19. Juni 2019 at 22:37 #45872

    I have five of theese decoders and all behave the same. The humidity is below 30% so i do not think this is a mechanical issue. Maybe it is an issue with the justboom amp. The build quality is quite bad, they publish wrong pinouts and their support is horribly slow and clueless.

    The description of the mod states that the switch or push button of the rotary encoder should function like a pause / play button. So i expect that pushing the switch pauses the song and after another push it continues where it got paused. If i push the button 30 seconds after the song started i expect after another push the song continues to play from that position. Right now if i push the button the song stops. If i push it again it starts from the begining. Which is clearly wrong.

    Turning the decoder changes the volume but also restarts the song. Turning one click further stops the song. One click further restarts the song with changed volume and so on. It behaves the same for the other direction. It seams the program reads the button and the encoder correctly but does not send the right commands to the player. Where is that set or configured?

    Does anyone have squeezeplay on max2play v2.48 with this amp working with a rotary encoder?

    @max2play support
    please post all the necessary/mandatory settings from all the relevant tabs related to the decoder. Maybe something in Raspberry Settings or somewhere else is miconfigured here?

    20. Juni 2019 at 10:33 #45873

    Okay, sorry about the misunderstanding. I did not surmise that the pause actually reset the song to the beginning. That’s obviously not supposed to be the case.

    There are no further options for Rotary Encoder support. It’s all handled in the JustBoom plugin (or the hardware control plugin for other sound cards). You can try reinstalling the support and double-checking the parameters and settings. I will talk to our head developer to see if he has any other ideas what might cause your issue.

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