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  • 15. Januar 2019 at 22:08 #43699

    I’m currently using the Max2Play Bluetooth add-on paired with a bluetooth transmitter to get audio out of my audio source. I’m having issues with auto-connection and auto-play… I ordered a HIFIBERRY DAC+ ADC because I would prefer using the input directly into the header of the Rasbperry Pi and eliminate using bluetooth… I would honestly be willing to donate or pay to be able to just have max2play work with this ADC so I don’t have to mess around with settings

    17. Januar 2019 at 16:42 #43824

    Hi Andy,

    We will check out the ADC very soon and integrate the drivers. However, we are also still evaluating which uses you could have and how you would want them integrated in Max2Play. What is your audio source and through which protocol would you want to stream it?

    17. Januar 2019 at 21:05 #43862

    Currently, I’m using Bluetooth through Squeezeplayer and it’s very unreliable for my application. Basically, I need to use which ever protocol that will auto-play when it is powered on every time, if I’m missing a setting in squeeze then it will work perfectly. I am taking the audio out of a soundboard (currently with a bluetooth dongle and I’m planning on replacing with a line to the ADC) using it to distribute to powered speakers across the network. Is there a different protocol in Max2Play that would work better than squeeze for this application?

    21. Januar 2019 at 12:21 #43927

    Hi Andy,

    Squeeze is your best bet, however, you can also post in the slimdevices forums to ask for input. They have a large DIY community for the server.

    23. Januar 2019 at 22:10 #44101

    Just another random question, is there a way to get Squeeze to auto synchronize new players as they are added to the system?

    24. Januar 2019 at 22:39 #44154

    I read the documentation on the DAC+/ADC found they had the following BASH script for install and I was able to get the DAC+/ADC to broadcast live audio in Raspbian (haven’t tried to mess around with my Max2Play install) but I figured I would give that update on this

    bash <(curl

    1. Februar 2019 at 15:06 #44313

    Hi Andy,

    Apparently it needs a Kernel which is not yet officially released (4.18). We are investigating if this can be issue at the moment. When the Kernel goes live, we might get an integration for LMS input soon.

    19. Juli 2019 at 7:39 #46409

    Only issue I’m still having is getting a bash script to run on max2play to make sure the playlist starts up… is this done via web interface or desktop. I’m trying to put a script that uses telnet to add the wavein to the playlist and play on the receivers so if one turns on late the audio will resume

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    22. Juli 2019 at 15:38 #46450

    Hi Andy,

    You can use the Plugin Builder, we recently updated the plugin and some documentation on it. Have a look at our developers corner under Features.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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