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  • 27. Januar 2017 at 23:02 #26369


    I bought the RasPi 3 Model B, the JustBoom Amp and the 2.8″ Touchscreen. Is there a way to put all three things together? I couldn’t find a way to attach the touchscreen onto the RasPi after installing the JustBoom Amp on it since the GPIO Pins are blocked.

    The objective is to implement everything into an existing center speaker and use it as a Squeezobox which can be controlled by the touchscreen and needs to be plugged to power only.

    Your tipps will be apprciated a lot!


    28. Januar 2017 at 21:44 #26380

    Hi, the Digi and the DAC both offer the possibility to install a header in P2

    Boards Pinout

    unfortunately the Amp was a bit too crowded to allow for the full header. The alternative here is to use something like the HAT Hack3r

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    29. Januar 2017 at 10:52 #26383

    thanks for your reply!
    Here’s what I understood: On my JustBoom Amp HAT there was not enough space to allow all the GPIO Pins to be forwarded through the board. But some have been put into P2 and when I follow the first link you provided I can which pins have been forwarded. This meens, if I wanted to use the P2 pins, I would have to make sure, that the 2,8″ RPi-Display from watterott uses these pins.
    Your second link leads to a product, whicht allows me to extend the Pi’s GPIO Pins so I can connect display and amp using the full GPIO pin layout. This puts a question into my head: Don’t I have to make sure, that amp and display don’t use the same signal pins? As I’m understanding, power pins are not a problem since they are delivering voltage only. Signal pins though can be used by either amp or display but not by both at the same time. Do I get this right?



    30. Januar 2017 at 13:47 #26406

    Hi Tim,

    sorry, my fault. The P2 on the Amp is not going to be good for you need. The reason I showed you the other boards pinout was really to say that the Amp HAT is the least good option for your project.
    Yet if an Amp is what you need then the only option I can think of is for you to use the Hack3r board that allows you to duplicate the connectivity the GPIO header. On the Hack3r board you will then connect the Amp and the Display maybe by using a stacker header for the second card so that they do not physically overlap.
    At this point you have sorted the electrical connectivity and the mechanical aspect. The pinout I gave you then will also help you determine if in fact you can use both cards at the same time. The power and ground pins are amongst the few things that can be shared so check for the other pins and if there is no overlap you are in luck.

    I hope this answers all you questions.



    30. Januar 2017 at 20:54 #26438

    Hey Francesco,

    thank you very much for this long answer!
    I think I will send the display back and buy a 7″ Display. This is connected via the display connector and needs power supply only. Power supply is not a problem since the amp HAT forwards als pins needed for that.



    31. Januar 2017 at 18:30 #26527

    Hi Tim,

    no problem at all. If that’s the direction you are going to maybe you want to also read my considerations here https://www.max2play.com/en/forums/topic/stromversorgung-7-touch-display/ although with the Amp you are in a better position with the pins on the P2 connector.

    Have fun!

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